NikoGreen Studios

We offer sustainable building and urban design (SBUD) services.


We are championing sustainable design, circular economy and social value in the building and construction sector through the following services:

Design division

Design Division

This provides socially-sensitive and environmentally-friendly design solutions on building, neighbourhood and urban scale. It includes:

  1. Sustainable Building Design
  2. Life-cycle based and integrative resource-efficient and decarbonized building design, retrofit and operation.

  3. Sustainable Urban Design
  4. Carbon neutral and resilient urban planning and management

  5. Material Estimator
  6. Our digital material estimator helps you calculate the exact quantity of building materials required for your construction project hence reducing wastage.

Deconstruction Division

This fosters material reuse and regenerative architecture.

  1. Deconstruction Services
  2. Soft demolition and full deconstruction services. We are committed to the art and science of salvaging useful materials, giving them a new life and legacy while reducing the waste stream.

  3. Endelevu Material Exchange Platform
  4. It allows for donation or trade in second-hand salvaged or surplus building materials.

Deconstruction division
Design division

Research, Learning and Innovation Division

This provides data, tools and guidance to support the planning, design, construction, operation and decommissioning of sustainable buildings and cities.

  1. Learning Hub
  2. This delivers training programs that are designed to meet the needs of those interested in updating their skills and competencies to deliver better built environment and infrastructure projects.

  3. Diagnostics, Rating, and Certification Support (DRCS)
  4. Innovative, data-driven solutions for sustainable building and urban design

  5. Materials Lab
  6. Develop, test, and deploy healthy building materials and products.

  7. Digitalisation
  8. Leveraging digital technologies (IoT, blockchain, and pervasive computing) to create an intelligent and responsive built environment.

Design Philosophy

All our work at Niko Green Studios is aimed at exploring and demonstrating how the design, construction, operations, and decommissioning of buildings and infrastructure can support human, ecosystem, and social health and equity.
We base our design decisions around what is best for the occupants balanced with simple and sustainable operation and maintenance, while adhering to the project schedule and budget. The following principles underpin our firm’s design practice:

circular design


We support a circular economy by reusing and improving buildings and by designing for resiliency, adaptability, disassembly, and reuse, aspiring to a zero-waste goal for planned construction activities.

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Design for HEALTH

We support human health by preferring products that foster life throughout their life cycles and seeking to eliminate the use of hazardous substances.

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Design for JUSTICE

We support social health and equity by preferring products from manufacturers that secure human rights in their own operations and in their supply chains, positively impacting their workers and the communities where they operate.

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Design for CLIMATE

We support climate health by preferring products that reduce carbon emissions and ultimately sequester more carbon than emitted.

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The following palette of projects highlight our people-centered, life-cycle based and regenerative design solutions on building, neighborhood and urban scale.

design and construction
The Hub
The Hub
A proposed air pollution training & research facility in Nairobi County.
A proposed environmental pollution awareness and exhibition center in Nairobi County.
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A proposed green cooking technologies exhibition center in Kisumu County.
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Our Team

Our team includes registered architects, planners, engineers, surveyors, social scientists, and sustainability consultants who are passionate about designing spaces and systems that work for people and the planet using evidence-based and human-centered approaches.

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Exemplary Service
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